Align With Destiny Level 1

Align With Destiny™ is a 16-week online program, sacred evolution container, and evolution, business and leadership mastermind.

It’s for Impact-driven business owners, leaders, starseeds and lightworkers who are truly ready to activate and align with their soul's highest timeline of limitless potential, divine service.   

You came here with a mission to raise consciousness, to assist humanity in the "shift of ages", and to serve to your highest through your most purposeful and passionate gifts.   

Fulfilling that mission is the process of becoming a vibrational match for your Soul’s Destiny.  

It’s a journey of retaining, discarding and changing what you need to ALIGN with your unlimited potential.

And implementing your Soul's greatest skills, traits and intelligences necessary to access the fullness of your co-creative potential to serve humanity.  

It’s a process of connecting deeply with your Soul and restoring your Divine Blueprint.  

When you activate this, you Align With Destiny…  

And the world comes with you.


Align With Destiny Level 2

Align With Destiny™ Level 2 is a 16-week Online Program, Sacred Evolution Container, and Evolution, Business and Leadership Mastermind - specifically for Align With Destiny™ Level 1 Graduates.

- Rapidly integrate the spiritual tools and upgrades from Level 1.

- Establish a deeper application and focus for the AWD tools and practices in business.

- Learn Sacred Grid Technology to accelerate and amp your business projects.

- Receive a L2 Group “Ascension Coding Transmission Session”.

- Unite with Your Ascended Self and become both the student and the Master of your life experience.

- Awaken Your Soul Signature and Activate “The Soul Signature Key Code”.

- Activate Your Light Language with advanced conscious channelling.

- Step deeper into the frequencies Divine Abundance and Infinite Self Worth.

- Discover Your Soul Values, Soul Purpose and Your Unique “Impact Codex”.

- Deep Dive on “The Destiny Distortion Codes”.

- Receive and Activate Further Advanced Level Key Code Symbology.

- And step deeper into your path of Evolution, Freedom, Abundance and Impact.

...HERE and NOW!


The Starseed Activations Members

Activate your Soul’s true potential to create a lasting impact on planet Earth with this high impact monthly membership program for Starseeds, Lightworkers, way showers and leaders.

Embody and integrate the Soul mastered characteristics, traits and gifts you need to fulfill your Earth Mission.

Receive high-powered, member’s exclusive online workshops and activations.

Join our high-vibe tribe of Starseed Soul-Family in our private Online Community hosted OFF Facebook.

Receive regular LIVE Online Activations, Quantum Upgrades, Group Healings, Frequency Shifts, Q&A’s and Soul-Group Readings to assist you on your journey.

Learn all about the latest Starseed Activations Codes from the soon-to-be-released Soul Creations Codex medicine deck.

Plus More…